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Love Is Not an Emotion, It Is an Experience

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Christians get their holy lesson from ‘Bible’. This divine scripture has always termed that ‘God is love’. This sentence may have only three words in it, but the message it conveys to the world is great. It says that when you love anybody you love God. Whenever there is love there is God in it. He preaches the world to be content with what you are and love everybody who is there beside you.

Whether it’s your love for your parents or for your siblings or for your spouse, everywhere God is there and He continues to be there till there is Love. In Bible, the terms “God is love” is mentioned twice, referring that whenever you love any creature created by God you love God. It’s really difficult to grasp the meaning that these simple words say. You can simply worship Almighty by serving the creatures that are created by Him.

Bible teaches us that Love is kind and giving. It is not just an emotion but an experience. The feeling that you feel when you serve someone without any intention is love. The happiness that you experience while giving away your dearest item to someone needy is love and in every action you find love. Like, Lord himself had sacrificed his only son so that His other children can live happily.Bible is full of so many examples that teach that you must love each other and show your love to everybody for love is God.

Just an example to show how God love us, he opens one after another opportunity for us so that we can smile and enjoy our lives. He tries to teach us lessons sometimes; this is because that He wants that all His children are living their life happily. They love each other and by helping each other they show respect to the Glorious soul. Through Love God transforms all sins and He tries to assemble all human beings as one.

If all of us can embrace this theory, then we would find that life is really great and everybody around us is also too good. We too can spread the love of God, not only by loving each other but by gifting others the decals stating ‘God is Love’. These stickers would let us walk the path called Life with more ease. When we are tired and start losing hope from life, these window stickers, or car decals would remind us that there is Love and there is God, and if we can embrace them, the toughest thing in Life can be easy. Hence, follow what Bible has taught us and stick these stickers to feel rejuvenated every moment.