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Love Human to Love God

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Love Human to Love God

When the world has become full of wrong deeds and sin, most of us struggle with the fact that God is love. Is it possible for God to love those human beings who are full of sins? 

The truth that Gospel teaches us is that God loved Human beings so much that he sacrificed even His only son, so that we can have the continuous relationship with Him.

Just like your hand in the gloves, God and love goes together. Although there are battles, fights, miseries everywhere still this faith in God is letting this world run, else everything would have ended long ago. Satan is doing his best to capture the globe, it’s his gracious love that we still are alive.

God's Love Is the Gospel Truth Because God is Love

John 4:8 and John 4:16 says that Love is God’s nature. Whatever He does is out of Love. However, many times it may happen that something bad happens with us. Then we have a feelings that whether God is doing that too out of love? 

He allows such thing to happen because he knows if everything is good on earth, then we would forget the meaning of love for others. 

If everything comes easily then we would forget the meaning of hardship. Gradually people would think that everything on earth is very easy and stop respecting each other. Thus, love would be lost. Hence, whatever He does, there is a purpose behind it.

The Fact Is that God IS Love

Just do not consider that Love is among the many characteristics that God has, rather God is Love, himself. He loves as that is His identity and without it, he is simply incomplete. He loves us unconditionally and this is something that we simply cannot believe as we do not love anyone like this. 

Whenever we love someone, we do so as we expect something in return. This love is human love. For getting nearer to God we have to love people the way he does. We must remember that He is present in a very Human Being and when we love nay human without any condition, and then actually we are preaching what bible has taught us. We love God.

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